City of Westby Fiber Construction 2018

City of Westby Fiber Construction 2018

Over the last several years, Vernon Communications Cooperative (VC Co-op) has provided many of its members with fiber-optics: the most advanced network available in broadband technology. VC Co-op along with White Construction will continue fiber construction with an aggressive build in the City of Westby, as soon as the ground thaws.

Most homes and businesses west of Highway 14 in Westby have fiber-optic technology. The fiber is buried to the premise, but due to a shortage of electronic equipment VC Co-op has not been able to cut every member over to fiber. Construction in 2018 will focus on the homes and businesses east of Highway 14.

Once fiber construction is complete, VC Co-op will be able to provide services that are scarce in other areas of the country. Fiber-optic technology has weather related resiliency, less signal degradation, and a higher bandwidth capacity. The upgrade to fiber allows multiple devices to simultaneously utilize the same service, while still maintaining fast reliable service. Higher speed broadband internet options also become available, creating better connectivity and more choices for providing future technology.

“Our fiber optic-project is in the home stretch. We believe that building our region as a leader in broadband technology, not only benefits our members but strengthens our communities,” said Rod Olson, CEO of Vernon Communications Cooperative. This will make Westby one of the few fiber-optic cities in the state and help promote economic development.

Due to the extremely high cost and time required for rewiring, new fiber optic equipment needed in the home, and the number of homes that need to be converted, the conversion of fiber will be done on an as-needed basis, based on bandwidth needs. Broadband customers will be converted first and eventually voice-only customers. VC Co-op’s goal is to have every member connected to fiber by 2020.

This comes at no cost to VC Co-op members. All members need to be converted to fiber, as the copper facility will be decommissioned in the future. If a home or business refuses fiber construction this year, they will be responsible for any future construction costs to connect to fiber.

A detailed map of Westby’s fiber construction project for 2018 is located at the VC Co-op office, 103 N. Main Street, for viewing.  Click here for an overview map of 2017 and 2018 Westby fiber construction: Westby Map 2018