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Our goal is to be the best communications provider possible

and promote economic development in our communities.

Our History | About Vernon Communications

In the years following World War II, the ability to have a telephone line went from a luxury to a necessity. On March 15, 1950, a group of farmers met in Liberty Pole, Wisconsin and decided to organize a cooperative to bring service, which was on par with urban areas, to the unserved rural areas of Vernon County. On October 11, 1951, with financial assistance from the Rural Electrification Act, the Articles of Incorporation were filed for Vernon Telephone Cooperative (VTC).

In 1994, VTC partnered with other area telephone companies to form Midwest Telnet, bringing Internet access to all subscribers. In 2001, Vernon Telephone Cooperative formed Vernon Communications to provide non-regulated services, such as long distance and television. Also that year, VTC became the home of Midwest Telnet’s IP television headend, the first commercially deployed IP television network in the United States; second in the world. In today’s television landscape, IPTV is the standard for digital television service.

In 2007, VTC created the first, of what would later become twelve exclusive community television channels, broadcasting local events such as school concerts and sporting events, local weather, radio, and religious services. In 2008, the City of Viroqua, became one of the first fiber-optic cities in the state of Wisconsin. Today, our goal is to bring this advanced infrastructure, to the home and business of all our members. In 2015, the name of the cooperative was changed to Vernon Communications Cooperative (VC Co-op), to more accurately reflect the variety of services offered.

The cooperative currently serves over 7000 residential and business members with internet, telephone, television, and security and automation. Today, VC Co-op maintains one of the most state of the art communication networks in Western Wisconsin and is a leader in the telecommunications industry.

Our Mission

To Our Members

Consistent with our proud tradition, Vernon Communications Cooperative’s mission is to provide its members with the latest technology available, at an affordable cost, while providing them with exceptional customer service.

To provide telecommunications solutions that exceeds our member’s expectations.

To Our Employees

To provide a safe and healthy, team oriented work environment which motivates us to serve our members with exceptional service, bring personal and career growth, cultivates mutual respect and satisfaction that benefit all employees and their families.

To Our Industry

To provide cooperation, leadership and support that results in the proliferation and success of the telecommunications industry and the cooperative business model.

To Our Communities

That we have a responsibility to the communities in which we serve to be good corporate citizens, and take an active role in the efforts to improve our communities.  That we have a responsibility to uphold the highest level of integrity and be open, honest, consistent, and respectful in our dealings with others.

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