Vernon Communications Coop

Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Internet

Whether you are surfing, working, gaming, or streaming, our fiber optic, high-speed internet has you covered. With speed packages up to 1 Gig, you can rely on fast, reliable internet across all of your devices throughout your home or business.

Woman sitting on a chair while using her laptop to browse the internet

Internet Speeds

Connect with Fiber Fast Internet

50 Mbps - Symmetrical

$54.95 / Month

  • 4K Video Streaming
  • Gaming/Smart Home
  • 5-10 Devices Simultaneously Streaming

100 Mbps - Symmetrical

$84.95 / Month

  • Small Business
  • Telecommuter
  • 10-25 Devices Simultaneously Streaming

500 Mbps - Symmetrical

$299.95 / Month

  • Large Business
  • Commercial Enterprise
  • 25+ Devices Simultaneously Streaming


Impossibly Fast

*All Internet packages include symmetrical upstream bandwidth.

The back of a woman at her desk while she works on her computer using high-speed fiber optic internet

Gigaspire Wireless Home Router

Connect your home and all your devices over Wi-Fi with a wireless home router. Wireless routers are available for lease.

$6 per month

  • Receives Gigabit broadband data
  • High-performance system offers the latest 802.11ax ‘Wi-Fi 6’ technology
  • 6x6 streams of Wi-Fi delivery 2x2 @ 2.4 GHz and 4x4 @ 5 GHz