Now Playing On Demand

How to Watch

On Demand programs are available for 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour periods so you can start, stop, and play when it’s convenient for you.

To Access On Demand programming

Press ON DEMAND Button

To Browse Rentals

On Demand rentals are grouped into categories and sub-categories to make finding what you want very easy.

Step 1: Use the arrow keys to scroll around to pick a category. Highlight a main category and press OK.

Step 2: Browse the Rentals. When you choose a category; a list of available On Demand rentals for that category are shown. Select OK button to view information for the Rental. You can play the trailer to make sure the movie is what you want before you rent by selecting “Preview”. Note: At any time during this process, you can press the EXIT button to return to a previous set of categories.

To Rent an On Demand program

Follow steps 1-2 for Browse Rentals to find an On Demand rental that you are interested in.

Step 1: press ON DEMAND button

Step 2: Highlight the category you want and press OK.

Step 3: Highlight the Rental you want, press OK.

Step 4: Select “Watch” and your show will start (if it’s a FREE Rental)

Step 5: If it is not a FREE Rental a confirmation screen appears. Please be sure you have the correct title and you are aware of the price that will be charged to your account.

If you have additional set-top boxes in your residence that you want to be able to watch this On Demand rental, highlight the Share Whole Home check box, select “YES” or “NO” and press OK.

Step 6: Enter your PIN

Highlight the text box next to Enter PIN and use the number pad to enter your PIN. (Note: Your PIN is 0000 by default.)

Step 7: Highlight “RENT” and press OK to confirm your On Demand rental. (It is very important to note that once you press OK, you will be billed for your On Demand rental).

Your rental will begin playing immediately.

Controlling Rental Playback:

While watching an On Demand rental you can use the Playback control buttons on your remote to pause, rewind, fast forward or stop playback.

*Press Pause to halt playback at the current point.

*Press Rewind or Fast Forward to reverse or advance playback from the current point.

*Press Play to resume watching at normal speed.

*Press Stop to exit playback of the program.

The Slider:

Anytime you press a Playback Control button while watching an On Demand rental, the Slider appears at the bottom of the screen. Below the Slider, the indication of which playback function is in use. The bar is a visual representation of where you are in the program. The blue indicates how much of the program has been played.

Watching an On Demand rental from Your Library:

To watch an On Demand rental you have already rented, press MENU button and hit the DOWN arrow button to select “On Demand”, then press RIGHT arrow button once, then DOWN arrow button to highlight over “Rentals” Press OK. Select the rental you wish to view and highlight and press OK. Your program will ask “Resume playback from last position or restart from the beginning?” Highlight the selection you wish to go with. “Resume” “Restart” or “Exit”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "On Demand"?

On Demand allows VC Co-op TV subscribers to use their remote control to instantly rent a movie. It offers features like pause, fast forward, and rewind, without the need of picking up a rental DVD from the store and returning it.

How much does a rental cost?

Rental costs may vary depending on the studio, rental period, release date, and other factors. These are estimates

Library (non-New Release) : $2.99

New-Release : $3.99 – $5.99

HD Movies : $3.99 – $5.99

3D Movies : $4.99 – $6.99

Early Screening or In-Theaters: $6.99 and up

Adult : $12.99

Independent : Varies

Events : Varies

Are there any free rentals?

Yes! All of our Local On Demand rentals are free, along with a selection of movies found in the “Free Movies” tab.

How long can I watch a rental?

Rental periods vary depending on the title. The rental period ranges from 24 to 72 hours, meaning you have that time period to watch that movie before it expires. During the rental period, you can find your On Demand rentals under: MENU button

How many titles are available On Demand?

Vernon Communications provides thousands of titles. You can use the “Search” function in your menu to find a specific title or browse the rentals by category.

How do I pay for a rental?

Your On Demand rental will show up on the next month’s bill.

What does "B4 Netflix and/or Redbox" mean?

Many new releases are available On Demand the same day as DVD while some movies are actually available weeks before Netflix has the DVDs available to send in the mail and before they are in a Redbox kiosk.

What does "Same Day as Theaters" mean?

Those movies are released On Demand the same day they are released in the theaters. They are usually priced higher than New Releases, and are a great way to see independent movies that aren’t featured at our local movie theaters.

What does "Same Day as Theaters" mean?

Those movies are released On Demand the same day they are released in the theaters. They are usually priced higher than New Releases, and are a great way to see independent movies that aren’t featured at our local movie theaters.

Does On Demand offer Parental Control features?

Yes. Customers may use the Parental Control features in the settings to block ratings or time periods. Please call our office for assistance in navigating to your settings.

Can I change the channel while watching an On Demand rental?

Yes. You can stop the movie with your remote, switch to another channel, or even take a nap. Your set-top-box will remember where you left off for later viewing within your rental period, and you can access your current rentals in “Rentals” in your menu.

How often are movie titles added or changed?

New selections are added to the menu weekly. New releases generally appear on Tuesdays.

What is the difference between On Demand and Pay-Per-View?

The difference is that PPV movies start at a particular time and you watch them straight through, as if they were a regular program. With On Demand, you can watch whenever you want, restart it, pause, rewind, and fast-forward. You have your entire rental period to watch your movie as many times as you’d like.

Are movies available in HD?

Yes! If you currently subscribe to one of our HD packages, you are able to rent the HD movies with no problems. If you are not currently subscribed with our HD services, you may not receive the full HD experience due to bandwidth limits, non-HD cables in your home, and non-HD configurations on your account.

Are movies available in 3D?

Yes! Look for the 3D category in your On Demand menu. You must have a 3D capable television with compatible 3D glasses for proper viewing.