Essential Channels

Local over-the-air broadcast networks

VC Co-op Community Channels


+ $1.95

HD of all major over-the-air broadcast networks



National news and weather

Your favorite sports, lifestyle, and entertainment channels

Includes all channels from Local

Select HD

+ $8.95

80 HD Channels

4 HD Only Movie Channels



Popular kids and family entertainment

50 commercial-free music

National news and weather

Includes all channels from Local

Basic HD

+ $5.95

84 HD Channels



All the TV you need!

Kids and Family, Sports, News, Lifestyle and Entertainment, and commercial-free Music

199 Channels (Includes all available channels)

Expanded HD

+ $8.95

119 HD Channels

MVS Prime

Alternative TV Packages available with slimmed line-up

Customizable by adding Tiers

Set-top Box: First box is FREE. All additional boxes $4.00 per month.


Whole-Home DVR Service $5.95

Record your favorite shows by episode or by series.

Watch and manage your recorded content on any connected TV around your home.

Simultaneously record up to 6 shows at once with 250 GB of storage.

Simultaneously record up to 8 shows at once with 500 GB of storage: $10.95

Simultaneously record up to 10 shows at once with 1 TB (1,000 GB) of storage: $15.95

Premium Packages


(13 Channels + 13 HD Channels)

Includes STARZ On Demand, STARZ ENCORE On Demand, STARZ Online, and STARZ ENCORE Online


(8 Channels + 8 HD Channel)

Includes Cinemax On Demand and MAX On Demand



(11 Channels + 11 HD Channels)

Includes Showtime On Demand, The Movie Channel On Demand, and Showtime Anytime



(7 Channels + 7 HD Channel)

Includes HBO On Demand


Includes Playboy On Demand


(Cost per NFL Season)

2 Premium Packages   Save $2.50 per month

3 Premium Packages   Save $6.00 per month

 4 Premium Packages   Save $10.00 per month

HD Premium Channels for Cinemax, HBO, Starz, Encore, and Showtime are only available if you subscribe to an HD package.

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