Exciting news...

We’re Bringing Fast, Reliable Internet to Monroe County!

Three Things You Need to Know

Construction Will Start This Fall

We will be starting construction in September 2023 and completing by September 2024. Over the course of the 12-month build, we will bury approximately 290 miles of fiber optic cable through road right-of-way to bring internet, streaming TV and phone to over 900 Monroe County residents within the townships of Portland, Jefferson, Wells, Leon and Sparta.

Fiber Optic Drop To The Home is FREE

If you are in our construction area, we will plow a fiber optic cable directly to the homes and businesses of anyone who wants one at no charge to you during the project period! (Please note, installation fees will apply upon connection of service). Just let us know “YES, I want fiber” via the form below.

Unlock Access to Internet, Streaming TV & Phone

Requesting a fiber drop will give you the option to sign up for our locally managed internet, streaming TV and phone services when your drop is complete. Keep scrolling to check out some of our service packages and pricing outlined below.


Miles of Fiber


Month Build


Monroe County Residents

Will You be Eligible to Get Fiber?

Search our map to find out! Simply zoom in on your location. If your address appears in the blue or green area, you are in our construction zone and eligible to get fiber optic cable placed directly to your home.

Say “YES” to Super-Fast Internet

If your home or business is in our construction area, please complete the Construction Consent form online or print one and send it back to our office in Westby. We will not be able to place fiber optic cable to any home or business that has not completed this form.

Hometown Service Packages for You!

Internet Packages


$84.95 / Month

  • 100 Mbps download
    100 Mbps upload
Best Value


$149.99 / Month

  • 500 Mbps download
    500 Mbps upload


Call For Pricing

  • 1 Gbps download
    1 Gbps upload

Stream Packages

Upgrade your TV Experience

VC Stream Packages

Works on: Amazon Firestick, Roku, and Apple TV


$38.75 / Month

  • 32 Essential Channels
  • Includes Local News & Weather
  • Local Over-The-Air Broadcast Networks

Select Commercial

$82.00 / Month

  • 96 Channels
  • Your Favorite Sports, Lifestyle & Entertainment Channels
  • Includes Paramount Network, Magnolia Network & National Geographic


$98.95 / Month

  • Over 100 Channels
  • Popular Kids & Family Entertainment
  • 50 Commercial
    Free Music
  • Includes the Big 10 Network & The Food Network


$111.19 / Month

  • Over 200 Channels
  • A Full Sports Line-up
  • 50 Commercial
    Free Music
  • Elite list of your favorite channels including Disney, Universal Kids & the Game Show Network

Phone Packages

Old Fashioned Dependability

Phone Packages

Local Phone

$20.00 / Month

  • Unlimited local calling and you can keep your current phone number

120 Minutes

$6.00 / Month

  • Additional minutes will be billed at 10¢ per minute

500 Minutes

$19.95 / Month

  • Additional minutes will be billed at 10¢ per minute

1,000 Minutes

$24.95 / Month

  • Additional minutes will be billed at 6¢ per minute